New York – I’ve got bruises on my knees for you.

Imagine that you just came from a trip, five days camping in Swedish forests, no living soul to see besides your travel partner. Only birds and early sunlight to wake you in the morning, no hurrying, no worrying.

You take a plane of a couple of hours and suddenly you’re dropped in the complete opposite situation: New York. Fire trucks rushing down the streets every five minutes, steam coming out of holes in the pavement. People everywhere, non-stop, 24/7, talking, running, yelling and calling. Buildings – small, big, tall, old, new – everywhere, casting shadows on the pavement. Neon light.

And still, I fell for New York. I fell for the buildings and the sounds, the vibrance and the liveliness. Exactly, the city that never sleeps. I fell especially for Williamsburg, with the red brick facades and fire escapes. An area where the young and hip meet up. Tiny shops and vintage clothing, bars with well designed logo’s – everything to keep me happy –. I fell for the Moma and the Met, though I didn’t have enough time to completely submerge myself into every painting and sculpture. I fell for the food, delicious everywhere, in diners, Chinatown and just Manhattan. I fell for the skyscrapers, the old ones and the new ones. I fell for the ferry, which is free, and offers a perfect view on Manhattan and the statue of liberty. I fell for the bridges, to and from Brooklyn.

I also fell on my knees while wearing a back pack and stumbling over my own feet.


Published by

Anke Roosendans

illustrator / travel addict / architecture lover / crazy about mid-century modern design

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