What to think about you, Washington? 

Sitting on the couch of my hostel in Washington DC, I’m wondering what I could write about my stay in the capital of the United States. I’ve never been so indecisive wether I like a city or not. Is it because of the heath? Maybe my love for New York, where I just came from? Or because this city is mainly political oriented and I’m not specifically interested in politics? Honestly, I have no idea.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my stay in Washington, mainly because I had plenty of time to wander around without the feeling having to rush to see it all – which I had in New York -, I still had enough time to relax and sleep and go out. Also, I met some great people at the hostel I’d loved to hang out with – which is one of the main reasons I travel alone, so I can meet awesome people – so they – and especially A., who most likely be reading this, so this is my way of saying thank you – made my stay even more enjoyable. Still, I didn’t have The Feeling. You know, the feeling you have when you start to realize you absolutely adore a city and you already start thinking about packing your bags and moving in? I had it in Berlin, I had it in New York, but not in Washington. And I’m absolutely fine with that.

Most of my days here where covered in sweat. With temperatures up to 35 degrees Celcius and a humid heath that falls down on you the moment you leave your air-conditioned environment, the best thing you can do is hobble from museum to monument to museum. Which is exactly what I did. I spent about three days of my stay walking around the National Mall, visiting the National History Museum, American History Museum, the National Archives – oh here you are, declaration of independence – and the National Art Galleries, only to be interrupted by strolling around the Capitol, The White House and having picknicks in the grass.

Of course, I also discovered some other parts of the city: Georgetown with the lovely Victorian rowhouses and Dupont Circle, where I stumbled upon the Gay Pride and a really cool bookshop. Watched a Bollywood movie in an open air cinema. Saw the Lion King on the hostel’s movie night – and yes, everybody agreed with that film – and wandered around the tidal basin. And still, besides the temperatures, Washington itself left me a little bit cold. Luckily, I met some awesome people that made my stay memorable.

Next stop: Dallas, Texas.


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Anke Roosendans

illustrator / travel addict / architecture lover / crazy about mid-century modern design

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