The two sides of Las Vegas.

After a relatively tranquil evironment in Texas, I was blown away again. Millions of lights, cars and people. Bleeping, shrill and screaming sounds. Flashy advertising, fountains and volcanoes – at least every hour at the Bellagio and Mirage – and especially money. Money to spend, dollarsigns in the eyes of the tired gamblers behind the slotmachine. Money for swimming pools and limousines, nightclubs and the ferris wheel. Vegas breathes money, it craves for it and lives on it. On the other side of the coin – or should I say gambling chip? – and the other side of the strip you can find the complete opposite. Homeless and sick people sleeping on the streets, begging for a dollar. Las Vegas seemed to me a city of big contrasts.

I spent some time on the strip – the big street with all the famous casinos – and I must confess I didn’t run wild for it. I mean, every casino has a pool, club, gym, shops and whatever you could ever want, which is pretty cool. But that’s all the same. After two casino’s I had this ‘been there done that feeling’. Luckily, a casino means airconditioning, otherwise my days in Vegas would be unbearable. 44 and more degrees Celsius in daytime, 30 something in nighttime. Of course, life is different up here: night turns into day and vice versa. In daytime it’s too hot to really do something, so the strip  buzzes with activity every evening. Cirque du soleil-shows, floating around in a gondola, watch a play/comedy/drama, go clubbing,…too many choices, which one to pick?

Nevertheless, I like Vegas. I liked the vintage shops with the old coca-cola merchandising, old fashioned American license plates, tons of poker chips from long lost times. Little treasure caves where you can walk around for days. Oh, and they do ship all over the world – so my excuse ‘I wish I had more space in my bag so I could buy it’ didn’t work out very well –, if anyone wants something? Vegas is also dotted with signs, neonsigns, handlettering….it’s called ‘paradise’ for graphic design lovers – like me –. The whole downtown area is filled with nice bars, clubs, art galleries and restaurants, so it wouldn’t surprise you I spend most of my time wandering through this neighbourhood filled with palmtrees, chapels and pretty neonsigns. I was also very lucky to stay in a hostel with great staff that took me to some nice cafés on Fremont street and that to party on Tiësto beats in the MGM Grand with me. I still need to write them a good review!

For those following my instagram, next blog post: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park!

I visited them during my stay in Vegas, but such beautiful National Parks deserve a separate blogpost ;)



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Anke Roosendans

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