Astonishing beauty in three National Parks.


Overall, I’ve been enjoying my trip through the USA. Meeting nice people, doing a lot of sightseeing, something new in every place I go. Actually, I’m quite having the time of my life. And then I found myself, mouth wide open, gazing at the immense Grand Canyon in front of me. Being totally overwhelmed and impressed.

To be honest, I’ve always considered myself a city person. Pretty houses and castles full of character. The buzzing sound of cars and buses and people in an urban environment. A celebration of life everywhere. This until right before I left on this trip and I discovered the beauty of forests and trees and rivers in Sweden. How mindblowingly beautiful nature can be. I didn’t really forget that, but it’s nice to have a reminder. And what a reminder did the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon gave me.

What can I say about the Grand Canyon? You just have to see it for yourself, this creature of mother nature is hard to describe in words. It’s huge. Mindblowing. Absolutely extremely impressive. And big. I walked along the south rim, up to Yavapai and back to the visitor’s centre. The only thing you do while walking is be amazed, and stare into the distance. Wonder how. And hope you don’t fall off the edge.


It’s obvious that I liked the Grand Canyon, but I liked Zion and Bryce even more. Zion National Park has these massive ancient stoned sand dunes, forming a canyon themselves. You can walk on the bottom of the canyon or hike to the top. Rivers stream through it and you can spot deers and other wildlife. Amazing. Seriously, I just can’t find the words for it. The same for Bryce Canyon. Orange-reddish cone shaped stone ‘hoodoos’ where you can walk between. As far as the eye can see. Astonishing.

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Anke Roosendans

illustrator / travel addict / architecture lover / crazy about mid-century modern design

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