Los Angeles, why doesn’t everybody like you? 

When I was telling the people I met during my trip that I was going to visit Los Angeles, they all reacted with this ‘yuk’ sound. Or at least they told me they loved San Francisco, but they wouldn’t spend much time in L.A. So, with mixed feelings I left San Francisco – and slightly nauseous because too much wine the night before – and took the bus to Los Angeles. My time in San Francisco was amazing, how could L.A. compete with that?

Let’s just say I discovered I love California. I barely scratched the surface of all the beauty there is to see up there, but I know I had great times during my stay in the sunshine state. Even in Los Angeles. Again, I was lucky to meet great people, and to stay in a nice hostel with loads of social activities. Such as the BBQ and party in Hollywood to celebrate the 4th of july, a memorable night accompanied by 3 swedish guys and an australian girl – I would accidentally bump into those 3 guys two times after that, and meet their swedish friends without their knowing – for a city with millions of inhabitants, that’s a big coincidence – but funny though – free food, live music and comedy nights, I definitely enjoyed my evenings.

Which doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun in the daytime as well. From art and architecture – LACMA with it’s Picasso’s, Rothko’s, Warhol’s, Magritte’s and other famous painters – Gehry with the Walt Disney Music Hall – Richard Meier present at the Getty Center and some Rembrandts as well –  to highlights of the movielover. Getting the chills because you recognize the Bradbury Building from the film Bladerunner – which I drawed at least 50 times during one of my illustration assignments back at school – and spotting fake Michael Jacksons on Hollywood Boulevard. Looking for stars on the street and try to stare at their houses while speeding on Mullholland Drive. Watching expensive shops and custom made cars on Rodeo Drive and stare at people at Venice Beach – my favorite: the guy who’s dog was dressed up in bikini, people putting one dollar bills in it like it was a stripper, next to the sign: I found the easiest way to make money -. Meeting creative people and windowshop in those independent little stores they own. Watch streetart on almost every corner. Going to Disneyland with the great English girl you met in San Francisco a couple of days before. Los Angeles didn’t seem so bad to me.

– I did wish I had a car. It’s a bit harder to get to places with public transportation – 


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Anke Roosendans

illustrator / travel addict / architecture lover / crazy about mid-century modern design

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