First tastes of Mexico. 

Mouth wide open. That’s how I flew into Mexico City about a week ago. The city is H U G E. G I G A N T I C. After approximately ten minutes of flying over the city and being ready to start landing, I still hadn’t seen the end. I was only able to see a small part of this massive metropolis, but I definitely enjoyed most of it.

First of all, I had a great time. Did I go out a lot? No. Did I meet a bunch of great people – again –? Yes. The first two full days in Mexico City I stayed at R.’s place, he’s a guy I met in Vienna last december who promised me to show me around and let me stay at his place if I would come to the Mexican capital. I did and he kept his word. He knew a lot about Mexican history – yep, I love history – and basically showed me around the whole historical city centre while telling me everything he knew about the subject. Got me my first chilaquiles for breakfast – spicyyyy – and was so kind to accompany me to my hostel when he had to leave the city again. You know, meeting people when travelling is one of the greatest things, but it becomes even more awesome when you can stay in places on invite of people you’ve met before.

I was glad to have a friend here the first few days of my stay. Mexico City can be quite impressing. Hectic. Chaotic. Traffic is horrible. Anybody who gets its driver’s license in Mexico City can call himself a good driver in my opinion. Cars are everywhere. Pedestrians are everywhere, the same for buses. And cops. But they don’t really care if you cross when the light is red. Or if everybody crosses at the same time. So yeah, when you’re walking in the street or getting driven by a taxidriver, you just go with the flow, there’s no other option.

Did I feel unsafe? Not really. Weaponed police everywhere, metal detectors to get into the major museums and enough friendly people to make you forget some unfriendly stories you heard in the news before. Of course, you don’t need to seek it – and no, mom, I didn’t walk alone in the streets at night – but in general, Mexican people are superfriendly, even if you don’t speak their language.

And then the food. Oh boy. People warned me it would be good. Spicy, but good. You bet they were right. The best places you can eat aren’t fancy restaurants. Oh no. Best food you buy at the market or foodstalls. The small places where the cheff cooks or bakes it right in front of your eyes. Tacos. Enchiladas. Quesadillas. Chilaquiles. With onion, guacamole and lime. Spicy or not. Delicious. And cheap.

I didn’t talk about those pyramides yet. Or the markets – with bees buzzing around the candy and voodoos dolls for sale for little money –. Or the museums with all the Mayan and Aztec remnants. The castle with it’s spanish outside and austrian inside. The stunning murals of Diego Rivera and the clothing collection of his wife Frida Kahlo. The too expensive boats and the great view from the hostel. Too much to see and too much to do, but it’s all worth viewing – except maybe for the boats, they where a little bit of a rip off –. I can’t wait to see more of Mexico.



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Anke Roosendans

illustrator / travel addict / architecture lover / crazy about mid-century modern design

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