Waltzing through the Albertina Palace in Vienna.

The Albertina Palace in Vienna is one of those “must see’s” on my list. Visiting Vienna in december last year, my days where filled with museums, Klimt, opera and architecture. The city breathes culture. Filled with christmas lights and plenty of coffee houses to warm up – Sachertorte! – after a long walk in the snow, Vienna is the perfect winter destination. I visited the former Palace – now museum with an abundant amount of sketches, paintings and graphic arts from the greater artists on earth – without knowing what to expect. – I just wanted to visit a museum you know – What I got was a heart skipping two beats and a visit to the Habsburg Staterooms and former apartments.

You know, I love interiors. I especially love interiors that are old, preserved and make me travel back in time. – No worries, modernist rooms also give me wet dreams. – Preferably petticoats and giant skirts included. The Albertina brought me back to the 1800’s, right into a giant ballroom. Already swirling around the room in a Viennese Waltz in my head, I could walk from creamy yellow to vibrant green, trying to figure out how life must have been during the Habsburg period. Admiring some Schieles and Klimts in the meantime. Absolutely my favorite was the little Wedgwood Cabinet, a tiny room with wallpaintings representing earth, water, wind and fire. And some mythological scenes. If you’re in Vienna, crazy about that romantic Viennese picture in your head and you have some spare time in your crazy busy ‘I-want-to-visit-Vienna’ schedule? Go to the Albertina and dream away.

Hallway in the Albertina.
The Rococo room.
Do I see a Rubens hanging there?
Hall of the Muses.
Hall of the Muses.
Chandelier at the Hall of the Muses.
More Rococo room.
The Wedgwood Cabinet looking onto the Sapnish Apartments.
The Wedgwood Cabinet.

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Anke Roosendans

illustrator / travel addict / architecture lover / crazy about mid-century modern design

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