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Diego Rivera in Mexico City.


My jaw doesn’t drop open easily. Art is something that always captures my attention, makes me laugh out loud or shuts me up. Art makes my thoughts roam free, imagining concepts, places, times and ideas. Art makes me lose track of time. But on this visit, my mouth fell open for the full ten minutes. – Seriously, some flies could’ve built a party in it – The least you can say is that I was pretty impressed. Before I came to Mexico City, I had no clue about what to expect. Sure, I did my research and knew what I wanted to visit. Still, I wasn’t at all prepared for all the richness and beauty this country has to offer.

For example, the murals of Diego Rivera. I knew his wife, Frida Kahlo. – not in person, but her work – Watched a movie about her on the plane as well. Knew her house still existed. I also knew she was married with a well known – one of the best – painters of Mexico. And that’s it. Point final. Nothing more. Until I visited Mexico City and saw ‘The History of Mexico’ in Palacio Nacional. Only three words: Amazing. Mesmerizing. Stunning.

You don’t have enough eyes to admire those bright blues, reds and yellows. Every single centimeter of the mural is crowded with historical figures and events. Nevertheless, the story is quite easy to follow once you know a little bit about Mexican history. – if you don’t, it’s a good reason to start studying – My ultimate favorite parts are the murals with the pre-hispanic history and the beginning of Mexico City. Starting with an eagle eating a snake on a cactus in the middle of the lake. Fascinating, no? Just like Diego Rivera’s paintings. Guess who climbed up a couple of places in my ‘all-time-favorite-artists-list’.

Every inch covered in a layer of paint.
Be impressed.
My favorite part.
History in image.
Palacio Nacional.
Cacti in the garden.

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