Snapshots of Zion National Park |

Snapshots of Zion National Park.


I don’t need to exaggerate, but Zion is a little bit crazy. Crazy beautiful. Crazy and stunning. Crazy huge and crazy green and crazy red. With crazy animals and crazy weather. And especially crazy views and picturesque scenes and mouthwatering walks. Pure madness. Madness, because I’ve only spent one day in it. Sometimes I lose my mind and the decision of spending so little time in such a spectacular environment is one of those moments.

If I could re-do my USA trip, I would grab a friend, drag him/her into a campervan and start to drive. Drive through all the National Parks I can find, starting with Zion. Hike the Angels landing trail. Be exhausted, but satisfied and a bit celebrational because I made it. Take tons of selfies at the top. Admire the view. Hike back down. Choose one of the other hikes. Be mesmerized by the water, the height of the immense rock walls blocking the view. The reddish of the rocks and the green of the rest of the scenery. Try to paint everything. Try to take a snapshot of a deer. Or a lizard. Or maybe even a coyote. Fall asleep fast and deep. Wake up with a striking panorama and coloured sunset. Admire the flowers. The trees. The streams and rivers and flows. To be silent and be peaceful. To be in the moment. To breathe, to wonder and to live.


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Anke Roosendans

illustrator / travel addict / architecture lover / crazy about mid-century modern design

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