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You bewitched me already, Montenegro.

When I travel, I like to mix. Mix and match my clothing, so I don’t have to carry 20 kilo’s on my back. Mix my drinks, as in gin and tonic. Rum and coke. Sometimes only rum. Though my favorite mix is the travel mix: a little bit of culture, a little bit of history, a lot of nerve-wracking, breathtaking, adrenaline rushing adventures. Heaps of stunning views and picturesque small villages. Add to that a pinch of ‘fiesta en la noche until mañana’ and we have the perfect trip. Guess that sounds like Montenegro.

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The Bay of Kotor.

Honestly, Montenegro is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. The first two days I spend in this peculiar little country I just got bombarded with sights and panorama’s. Each and everyone as stunning and different as the other. Sometimes accompanied by thrilling curves in the road – when cars have to reverse back up the mountain, until they find a piece of road wide enough to let your bus do his turn without tumbling down the mountain, you know the roads are small – and yummy smoked ham. Sometimes accompanied by a steep climb of 1350 steps up a hill, sun burning on your shoulders while winds are blowing your skirt upwards. – note to myself: do not wear that skirt again while climbing a mountain – Sometimes unexpected while driving your car along the coast. Always different, but always typically Montenegrin. So Momma Nature: you did a good job here.


Sveti Stefan.

Then, when not being busy snapping pictures of greenish/greyish mountain tops, slightly covered by wisps of fog, wandering around a more-than-a-couple-of-hundred-year-old walled city might catch your attention. Cobblestone streets like a labyrinth, almost especially for you to get lost in a mini-time lapse. Terracotta colored roofs on top of creamy Venetian palazzo’s, not in Italy, but on Balkan grounds. Alley after alley, crammed with tiny bars, little souvenirshops and a swarm of street catch, waiting for you to get discovered. The oh-so-lovely smell of wild flowers in spring. Unexpected saxophone concerts in the morning. Layers of history, dripping of the orthodox or not so orthodox churches. Minarets seducing you to join the next prayer with their bewitching chanting. – only in the western part of Montenegro, close to the Albanian border – Waves crushing down on walls. Stories about pirates and dragons, longing ladies and kings. Culture and history galore.

Stari Bar.

Adrenaline rushes. Breathtaking adventures. Didn’t had them yet, though Montenegro has them galore. White water rafting in the Tara canyon. Paragliding above the Becici beach. Snorkling & diving. Hiking and cycling. Exploring mediterranean fjords. Bungeejumping. Walking past ominously excavated roads, while avoiding traffic jams. – okay, I experienced this one, a couple of times already – Plenty of options, plenty of adventures to look forward too.

Bojana river.

That pinch of ‘fiesta en la noche’ is still missing, but is expected to be delivered in the beginning of May. The whole coastline promises to convert itself in a neverending open air festival. At least, neverending until September. Markets, clubs and bars are busy painting, building and renewing. Evenings are getting warm.

So far my first impressions. Soon I’ll be working too, which is why I’m here. Keep on reading for more discovering, more tips & tricks and simply more Montenegro.

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