Climbing the walls of Kotor - what to do in Kotor, Montenegro |

Climbing the walls of Kotor.

Onion shaped domes. How I love those.

Kotor. Once I laid eyes on you, after a couple of breathtaking curves on a very foggy road, I knew I was going to like you. Not too big. Big fat walls protecting you from the modern outdoor world. Surrounded by lush green mountains on one side, very turquoise blue water on the other. Uneven stairs, leading unexpected walkers to a very sweaty finish Рof the walk, of course Рat the fort above, Montenegrin flag included. Purple and yellow wildflowers spreading lingering scents of spring at your descent. Cats roam the streets in search for a stranger, willing to give them attention. РOr food, maybe food would be better. РOnion shaped domes breaking the odd similarity of terracotta coloured roofs, the perfect eye catcher against a sea of orange. Palmtrees and sunshine, on a lucky day. Staircases and staircases, hidden between narrow streets and houses living through centuries. Laundry, drying above the heads of unexpecting tourists, looking for the perfect souvenir.

Morning picture.

I hope that was already a good description. Not too big, mysterious enough to let you wander and explore for a while. A little hike, a couple of nice bars and restaurants, to spend long meals and lively talks. A saxophone in the streets. Number one thing to do: climb to old city walls. They lead you up on the mountain in a tricky climb, but the view gets better and better with every step you take. Making you discover another path, leading all the way on top of the mountain, if you’d like to hike a couple of hours. Maybe another day. While I’ve seen Kotor already from above on a mountain, looking down on the old city from its walls and walking past it from outside, I haven’t seen much of the inside yet. Yes, of course I’ve walked around. But any other excuse is good enough to go back.

Pidgeon in the street.
Flowers everywhere.
Bay of Kotor.
Blue and orange.
Up we go.
Walking on the walls.
Can’t see enough mountains.



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Anke Roosendans

illustrator / travel addict / architecture lover / crazy about mid-century modern design

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