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One year later.

Mexico. Not many pictures, a lot of memories.

I checked the date today. Exactly one year ago I spend my first day in New York. The first day out of my beloved Europe and the first day of what was meant to be a 3-month long trip. Those 3 months changed into 5 months and here I am, still writing. Still writing, still thinking about traveling and still trying to figure out how to combine a life of travel with working and spending quality time with friends & family. 

So here it is, my one year blog-anniversary. I know, I know, I started sharing my stories and travel-tales already a bit earlier. Mainly because of my unexpected trip to Sweden – you can read all about it here – which had to be documented of course, but also as a way of searching my voice throughout my writing. All these questions in my head, holding me back of even starting a blog, even though the writing bug already got my hands itching to start producing lines and lines of letters. Can I even write? Is it interesting enough what I’m talking about? Will anybody read it? Do I even have to bother writing if nobody reads? What is writing without readers, is it even written then? Too many questions, not enough answers. So I just said to myself: fuck it, let’s start now. And I enjoyed. I like to talk. Apparently, I like to write as well. With the 5th of June in the back of my head, the big date which I longed for such a long long time already, I prepared the blog. The moment I stepped on the plane, it all started. Exactly one year ago.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
San Juan Del Sur. Photocredit: Abe Ramirez

Being kilometers and kilometers away from home, through different timezones and climates, I kept on writing. For the joy of it. To remember everything, to keep the flow of images in my head alive. To smile when reading it over and over again. How it felt like, crossing a border in a tiny bus, no airconditioning, avoiding holes in the road for about 5 hours straight, until you head the feeling of your brains being shaken out of your head. How it felt like, that wonderful day at the waterfalls in Mexico, still one of my favorite travel memories so far. So simple, so much to smile about. To hitch a ride from the police in El Salvador, after discovering some waterfalls with a local guide. To make friends in San Juan Del Sur, not being able to leave. To find true paradise in Panama and feeling heartbroken after so many moments of pure joy. Because of this I write. Because of you, who reads it. How to share my love of traveling. Maybe not the perfect way of traveling for everybody, but perfect to me and hopefully helpful to you. Because of you, who might want to see me when I’m not home – hello mom and dad – and live with me through my writings. Because of you, searching for little tiny pieces of information on the world wide web and accidentally stumbling onto this written part of my mind. Because of you, gladly following my adventures. Because of you, sharing my interests and secretly madly completely in love with the stream of museums and art related posts that headed to the publish button. Because of you, simply because you read me.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
On the road.

One year later. One year of joy and madness, happiness and being heartbroken, more than once. One year of not knowing where to end. I still don’t see the end, only new beginnings, over and over again. The future? Hopefully more of this. While I know the blog has been a little bit silent, with starting new jobs in different places – yep, still living and working in Montenegro – I hope to write more often again, starting now. With more years of crazy adventures and far away places. More years of pure joy and being heartbroken. More years of feeling exactly in the right place at the right time.

Panamanian paradise.



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