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End of summer – 2016.

Pebble beaches in front of Rafailovici.

With the seasons come new ends and new beginnings. For me, the end of summer means also the end of my life and work in Montenegro. A country packed with all kinds of natural wonders, from mountaintops shredded in clouds offering stunning views on mediterranean lakes to sun-drenched pebble beaches soaked in Balkan beats. A country being my home-away-from-home for a little while. With one week of work left, time is there to say my goodbyes – always a heartbreaking experience for me – and sadly, I will leave a whole bunch of wonderful people behind.

My all time favorite view in Lovcen National Park.

An end to a first season working in Montenegro also means the beginning of a new season elsewhere. – for people wondering: I work in tourism right now, changing destination from season to season, working abroad and enjoying a life of exploration in between – In Tenerife. While Montenegro was a first choice destination, the Canary islands have never been a place that scored very high on my to-visit-list. Still, I’m excited to go there. I like volcanoes. I like islands. I like to visit places where I’ve never been. My internet searches showed me volcano hikes, loads of stargazing, whales and dolphins waving at you from the ocean and a bunch of nice, sunny beaches. – Hopefully Tenerife also attracts only very sweet guests with no complaints at aaaalll. Never. I wish. –  I guess I can only be pleasantly surprised?

Back to the Caribbean in Panama.

But first, three months of well-deserved HOLIDAYS. And who am I to stay home the whole time? First on the list: a trip to Panama. A couple of weeks going back to some deserted, sunny, Caribbean islands and discovering lush jungles, coffee farms and the Pacific coast. Or just simply some parts of the country I haven’t visited yet. – Boquete, why didn’t I see you last time? – Followed by maybe a little Balkan trip? Or just a visit to the city of Belgrade? After my half a year in Montenegro, I know I’m not done yet with the Balkans. Nature is just incredible in here. Mountain ranges with glacier lakes so blue it hurts your eyes. Islands dotted in front of the coastline. Old bridges and history present in every street and around every corner. Knowing people here and having a chance to see them again might also be a good reason to come back.

Lovely, lovely Biograd Lake.

Then something I can’t forget: writing again. High season kicked in, leaving me with a bit more work and less spare time at hand to write. Less energy. In the meantime, my explorations of the country continued, all topics I still have to write about. Expect yourselves a shitload of posts about Montenegro. Favorite places. What not to miss. – teaser: the north, the north! – Absolute must-sees. In short, how to enjoy your time in Montenegro as much as I did when working here.  Saying this, I’ll start to enjoy my last – sad emoticon – week in Crna Gora, land of the black mountain and my six month home-away-from-home.

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