Free hot springs at La Fortuna in Costa Rica.

La Fortuna_03
Volcan Arenal. From a distance.

Costa Rica. Absolutely beautiful country, but according to my wallet also very very expensive. Yes, it’s convenient to pay in dollars. But that’s about it. No need for a 20 dollar taxi to a National Park and pay an additional 50 dollar to enter and a 20 dollar taxi ride back home. In backpacker’s minds it just says ‘ERROR, ERROR, YOU’RE SPENDING TOO MUCH’ and ‘THAT’S 9 NIGHTS OF ACCOMODATION’ and ‘NOPE’. Sadly, you miss a lot of crazy views and beautiful trips. Luckily, you can always visit Costa Rica again once you’ve gathered enough funding. But then I had this magical and incredibly cheap experience. Continue reading Free hot springs at La Fortuna in Costa Rica.

Pura vida in Costa Rica.


My stay in Costa Rica was a little less short than my time spend in El Salvador, but still way shorter than my weeks in Nicaragua. Since M. and I are backpackers, our budget is slightly smaller than all the American couples we met spending their one time a year 5 days-holiday in Costa Rica. We decided one week was enough for our bankaccounts, especially because M. convinced me to spend two weeks in Cuba with her. – which I’m so excited for, but it’s pricey –  Continue reading Pura vida in Costa Rica.