How to find the Tamanique waterfalls in El Salvador.


Sometimes I regret not taking enough pictures. The day I hitched a ride in the back of the pick up truck of the El Salvadorian police, accompanied by ten other backpackers and speeding past incredible views of lush forest and mountains, was one of those.¬† Continue reading How to find the Tamanique waterfalls in El Salvador.

Short stay in El Salvador.

After two extreme crazy nights in Antigua – Jungle Party Hostel, I guess the name says it all – it was time for me to leave Guatemala. Antigua is a great city and I wouldn’t have minded staying there, but I had the urge to travel forward. Since I had to pass El Salvador to reach Nicaragua anyway, I decided to explore the country a little bit more.

I decided to go to Santa Ana, where I ¬†found one of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed at – for the price of ten dollar a night you have a normal bed, personal fan and plug, bathroom for girls and one for boys, swimming pool, roof terrace, laundry room, hammocks, pool table, tv room with more than 200 new movies, 2 kitchens with every kitchen utensil you could ever think of and a hostel owner that drives you to the busstation and makes you popcorn when you’re watching a movie – too bad there were only four people staying at it, including me. To be honest, you can see Santa Ana in two hours, without a need to hurry. There’s a weird fake gothic cathedral, a theatre and a nice view from the hostel’s roofterrace. Continue reading Short stay in El Salvador.