Climbing rooftops in Léon, Nicaragua.

Museo De La Revolucion_Leon_05

When you hear somebody say ‘volcano boarding’ in Central America, the chances are big they’re talking about the Cerro Negro close to Léon, a beautiful colonial city in Nicaragua. Nothing more fun than a one hour hike up a hot volcano – not lava hot hot hot, but when you dig a little hole while standing on the top, you might burn your fingers – and sledding down on a wooden board. With the right laying-down-and-hold-your-feet-up-technique, you zoom down the slopes in a flash. Yes, what an experience. Continue reading Climbing rooftops in Léon, Nicaragua.

Why travel sucks sometimes.


Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love traveling. Period. But just like life, traveling isn’t always beautiful sunsets, partying whole night long and taking pretty pictures. Traveling is also waiting a couple of hours on a bus, missing planes, shitty weather and being sick with nobody to take care of you. But what sucks the most – according to me – is saying ‘goodbye’ all-the-fucking-time. Continue reading Why travel sucks sometimes.

Sand & glitter in Nicaragua.

After a while of traveling – in my case almost four months now – you crave a solid place to stay, just a little bit longer in the same room with the same people in the same environment. I never thought I would find it in Nicaragua and definitely not in a party place like San Juan Del Sur. But apparently I did. Continue reading Sand & glitter in Nicaragua.