Paradise in Panama – Part II

Ah, Panama. Whenever I go to a country, I always love it. I try to explore, try to breathe in all the scents and colors as humanly possible and indulge myself in local delicacies. I promise myself to go back, as fast as I can, but often find myself scrolling through a maze of cheap flight tickets, each and every one of them screaming harder and harder for my attention. Most of the times I listen and give in. Another country, another culture, another adventure. Not with Panama. Somehow, someway, this country found a little spot in the back of my mind, nestled itself warmly in a corner and waited. And waited. – and bombed me from time to time with vivid memories of my adventures in the country –  The moment I saw the chance to go, my ticket was already booked. I was going back to Panama. Continue reading Paradise in Panama – Part II

Paradise in Panama. 

Panama gave me a lot of mixed feelings when I arrived, especially after traveling together with M. for a while. First of all, this is the last country on my ‘to-visit-on-this-trip-list’, which means: the end is near. Second, I didn’t know what to expect or where to go besides some suggestions of other people on the road. And last, I was so busy looking forward to Cuba – yes, blogpost coming soon – that I didn’t realize I was supposed to spend my two last weeks in another country.  Continue reading Paradise in Panama.