Snapshots of Zion National Park.


I don’t need to exaggerate, but Zion is a little bit crazy. Crazy beautiful. Crazy and stunning. Crazy huge and crazy green and crazy red. With crazy animals and crazy weather. And especially crazy views and picturesque scenes and mouthwatering walks. Pure madness. Madness, because I’ve only spent one day in it. Sometimes I lose my mind and the decision of spending so little time in such a spectacular environment is one of those moments. Continue reading Snapshots of Zion National Park.

Snapshots of Bryce Canyon.


Before I went traveling through the US and Central America, I would’ve called myself a city girl. The buzzing sounds, people walking and talking, going to work, driving cars and taking a tram back home. Houses, buildings, skyscrapers, they all fascinate me and they’re all equally beautiful to me. – okay, maybe not aaaaaall of them – I like the graffiti covered concrete walls and stickers on streetlights. Food stalls spread their flavours and make my mouth water. Museums and culture, habits and traditions aplenty. Party all night long and sleep until night falls and the city gets more and more alive again. Twinkling lights and flashing lights, lights to dance on and lights that accompany an early evening walk. Continue reading Snapshots of Bryce Canyon.

Why you shouldn’t miss Teotihuacan when visiting Mexico City.


I must confess. Again. – I confess a lot on this blog – Before I flew into Mexico, I had never heard of Teotihuacan. Not the easiest name to pronounce either. Still, you might want to learn it by heart, so you’d definitely find the bus headed to this majestic site. With majestic I also mean huge. More than 4 kilometers of Mayan greatness, waiting for you to set foot on ancient steps and admire the view with shaking knees. Continue reading Why you shouldn’t miss Teotihuacan when visiting Mexico City.

My favourite museum in Mexico City.


Or you can call it Museo Nacional de Antropología, like the Mexicans do. – they speak spanish, remember? – Anyhow, doesn’t matter how you call it, a visit to this museum should be in your top ten to-do-list when you are in Mexico City. Mexico is dotted with archeological sites and tons of impressing pyramids – can you call them pyramids? – and Mayan temples. Some bigger than others, some better preserved, some at the coastline and some in the middle of the jungle. With discovering these remnants of a pre-Columbian past, an immense amount of statues, heads, sculptures and other relics needed a place to be preserved and admired. That’s were the National museum of Anthropology is built for: to contain, exhibit and preserve thousands of relics and pieces dating from the pre-Columbian Mexico. Continue reading My favourite museum in Mexico City.

9 things I did for the first time in 2015

Hurray, lists! Since the end of a year is also the time to look back upon the days and months and weeks before the new one, I’m looking back onto all the things I did for the first time this year. – Not the first time this year, but the things I did the first time ever which happens to be in this year. You get my point. – Because life is taking steps forward and all that. Leaping into the unknown and experiencing adrenaline rushes and being adventurous. And I like lists. Continue reading 9 things I did for the first time in 2015

Give me a sign in Vegas.


Signs. Signs. Signs. Everywhere. Wedding chapels, motels and casinos. Walls and windows, inside and outside. Walking around Las Vegas leaves the typography lover suffering from an overdose in neon lights and hand-lettering. I already posted about my first impressions in my blogpost The two sides of Las Vegas. Scrolling through my pictures I noticed how much I loved the old Vegas. The part with the not-so-fancy-gamblers and too-naked-old-women. The part where you can go and buy 25 cents beers on a tuesday and where the atmosphere is more relaxed. Where you can see signs of old Vegas restored in their former glory. Continue reading Give me a sign in Vegas.

Mas de Mexico. 

After having a short night of sleep in the jungle between howlermonkeys and tons of mosquitos, I find myself in a bus, on my way to Guatemala, for the next ten hours. Which means I finally had the time to write this blogpost. Which also means I’m leaving a country behind that scores high on my ‘to visit again’ bucketlist – honestly, I need another life to visit all these places again, but I will, eventually -. 

Mexico is beautiful. Actually, that sentence covers it all. Nature, culture, history, colour, all is mixed up perfectly in every single place you visit. Between Mexico City and now, I travelled to and through Oaxaca City, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Palenque and surroundings. The surroundings outdo the cities, let’s face it, what could be better than swimming in natural pools and waterfalls, climbing pyramids in the jungle or hear howlermonkeys in the middle of the night? Continue reading Mas de Mexico. 

First tastes of Mexico. 

Mouth wide open. That’s how I flew into Mexico City about a week ago. The city is H U G E. G I G A N T I C. After approximately ten minutes of flying over the city and being ready to start landing, I still hadn’t seen the end. I was only able to see a small part of this massive metropolis, but I definitely enjoyed most of it. Continue reading First tastes of Mexico. 

Los Angeles, why doesn’t everybody like you? 

When I was telling the people I met during my trip that I was going to visit Los Angeles, they all reacted with this ‘yuk’ sound. Or at least they told me they loved San Francisco, but they wouldn’t spend much time in L.A. So, with mixed feelings I left San Francisco – and slightly nauseous because too much wine the night before – and took the bus to Los Angeles. My time in San Francisco was amazing, how could L.A. compete with that? Continue reading Los Angeles, why doesn’t everybody like you?