Snapshots of Zion National Park.


I don’t need to exaggerate, but Zion is a little bit crazy. Crazy beautiful. Crazy and stunning. Crazy huge and crazy green and crazy red. With crazy animals and crazy weather. And especially crazy views and picturesque scenes and mouthwatering walks. Pure madness. Madness, because I’ve only spent one day in it. Sometimes I lose my mind and the decision of spending so little time in such a spectacular environment is one of those moments. Continue reading Snapshots of Zion National Park.

Snapshots of Bryce Canyon.


Before I went traveling through the US and Central America, I would’ve called myself a city girl. The buzzing sounds, people walking and talking, going to work, driving cars and taking a tram back home. Houses, buildings, skyscrapers, they all fascinate me and they’re all equally beautiful to me. – okay, maybe not aaaaaall of them – I like the graffiti covered concrete walls and stickers on streetlights. Food stalls spread their flavours and make my mouth water. Museums and culture, habits and traditions aplenty. Party all night long and sleep until night falls and the city gets more and more alive again. Twinkling lights and flashing lights, lights to dance on and lights that accompany an early evening walk. Continue reading Snapshots of Bryce Canyon.

Give me a sign in Vegas.


Signs. Signs. Signs. Everywhere. Wedding chapels, motels and casinos. Walls and windows, inside and outside. Walking around Las Vegas leaves the typography lover suffering from an overdose in neon lights and hand-lettering. I already posted about my first impressions in my blogpost The two sides of Las Vegas. Scrolling through my pictures I noticed how much I loved the old Vegas. The part with the not-so-fancy-gamblers and too-naked-old-women. The part where you can go and buy 25 cents beers on a tuesday and where the atmosphere is more relaxed. Where you can see signs of old Vegas restored in their former glory. Continue reading Give me a sign in Vegas.

Los Angeles, why doesn’t everybody like you? 

When I was telling the people I met during my trip that I was going to visit Los Angeles, they all reacted with this ‘yuk’ sound. Or at least they told me they loved San Francisco, but they wouldn’t spend much time in L.A. So, with mixed feelings I left San Francisco – and slightly nauseous because too much wine the night before – and took the bus to Los Angeles. My time in San Francisco was amazing, how could L.A. compete with that? Continue reading Los Angeles, why doesn’t everybody like you? 

Why I didn’t want to leave San Francisco.

Remember how I loved New York so much? I think I’ve found a new opponent in the contest ‘Anke’s all time favorite city of the U S and A’. While I was sitting on the bus to LA, it occured to me: I didn’t want to go. Not that I don’t want to see what kind of city Los Angeles is, but I had this rather gut wrenching feeling of leaving something pretty damn nice behind. Oh, and I had a massive headache as well. Continue reading Why I didn’t want to leave San Francisco.

Astonishing beauty in three National Parks.


Overall, I’ve been enjoying my trip through the USA. Meeting nice people, doing a lot of sightseeing, something new in every place I go. Actually, I’m quite having the time of my life. And then I found myself, mouth wide open, gazing at the immense Grand Canyon in front of me. Being totally overwhelmed and impressed. Continue reading Astonishing beauty in three National Parks.

The two sides of Las Vegas.

After a relatively tranquil evironment in Texas, I was blown away again. Millions of lights, cars and people. Bleeping, shrill and screaming sounds. Flashy advertising, fountains and volcanoes – at least every hour at the Bellagio and Mirage – and especially money. Money to spend, dollarsigns in the eyes of the tired gamblers behind the slotmachine. Money for swimming pools and limousines, nightclubs and the ferris wheel. Vegas breathes money, it craves for it and lives on it. On the other side of the coin – or should I say gambling chip? – and the other side of the strip you can find the complete opposite. Homeless and sick people sleeping on the streets, begging for a dollar. Las Vegas seemed to me a city of big contrasts. Continue reading The two sides of Las Vegas.

Texas and why I love traveling.

Traveling isn’t only about places. It isn’t about checking off all the boxes on your bucket list or seeing all major sites in one city. It isn’t about how many countries – though sometimes it’s fun to brag as well – or how many flights you had in your lifetime. It’s about stories. People. Memories. Continue reading Texas and why I love traveling.

What to think about you, Washington? 

Sitting on the couch of my hostel in Washington DC, I’m wondering what I could write about my stay in the capital of the United States. I’ve never been so indecisive wether I like a city or not. Is it because of the heath? Maybe my love for New York, where I just came from? Or because this city is mainly political oriented and I’m not specifically interested in politics? Honestly, I have no idea. Continue reading What to think about you, Washington?