Texas and why I love traveling.

Traveling isn’t only about places. It isn’t about checking off all the boxes on your bucket list or seeing all major sites in one city. It isn’t about how many countries – though sometimes it’s fun to brag as well – or how many flights you had in your lifetime. It’s about stories. People. Memories. Continue reading Texas and why I love traveling.

What to think about you, Washington? 

Sitting on the couch of my hostel in Washington DC, I’m wondering what I could write about my stay in the capital of the United States. I’ve never been so indecisive wether I like a city or not. Is it because of the heath? Maybe my love for New York, where I just came from? Or because this city is mainly political oriented and I’m not specifically interested in politics? Honestly, I have no idea. Continue reading What to think about you, Washington? 

New York – I’ve got bruises on my knees for you.

Imagine that you just came from a trip, five days camping in Swedish forests, no living soul to see besides your travel partner. Only birds and early sunlight to wake you in the morning, no hurrying, no worrying.

You take a plane of a couple of hours and suddenly you’re dropped in the complete opposite situation: New York. Fire trucks rushing down the streets every five minutes, steam coming out of holes in the pavement. People everywhere, non-stop, 24/7, talking, running, yelling and calling. Buildings – small, big, tall, old, new – everywhere, casting shadows on the pavement. Neon light. Continue reading New York – I’ve got bruises on my knees for you.