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Me at Vidova Gora in Brač, Croatia.

Hi, I’m Anke from Gone once again !

I’m a twenty-something girl from Belgium with fake tortoise shell glasses, a love for high waist skirts – you’ll never see me wearing pants…or almost never – and travel bug infected veins. Passionate about shorts trips and long trips, architecture, museums, historical & new interiors – especially those preserved in their former glory: starts drooling in 3…2….1... – and aaaaall things illustration. But most of all maps. Currently trying to conquer the world. Just kidding, I’m only gone once in a while. On a small trip, a bigger trip or just working abroad for several months in a thing called ‘tourist industry’. But when I’m traveling, I adore visiting historical places. See old stuff in museums. Discover graffiti on street corners and eat yummy food in dodgy places. Also trying to explore the wonders of the world. Or Belgium. Get to know people. Breathe foreign air and taste the smell of volcano eruptions and a humid jungle. You know what I mean, right?

More Me

I love strolling on sunday flee markets / binge chips-eater / I like tea AND coffee / I have a travel guide addiction / and a books-about-maps addiction / hell, actually I want to own a library / actually, make that a hostel-with-bookshop / I can’t dance salsa – yet – but I love doing it / I fell asleep in the cinema twice in my life / booking flights gives me an adrenaline rush / I don’t drink beer, because I don’t like it / I do like wine, rum, gin, whiskey, jenever,… / I have absolutely no green fingers / I should draw more / I rarely wear black / I can cook, but only pasta / my bucket list is too long / I talk back to you in Dutch, French, English, Spanish and recently also German / Disney movies make me happy / …


Do you have the sudden urge to tell me a story, make me a drawing, sing me a song or you just want to say hi? Don’t hesitate and mail me at anke.roosendans@gmail.com


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