Stuck in Stockholm.

Sometimes it happens that people come up with a crazy idea, an opportunity, a chance of adventure you just can’t refuse. You try to find some reasons why you shouldn’t, make up some lousy excuses, but in the end you know: you just can’t resist. That’s how I ended up stuck in Stockholm. Continue reading Stuck in Stockholm.

Strolling in the King’s garden in Brussels.


When I watched the news on television two weeks ago, I knew what I needed to do. Visit the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken. Finally. This year.

Even though I’m a belgian girl and the capital is only a 30-minute train ride away, I never managed to visit the Royal Greenhouses. Simply because of one reason: they’re only accessible three weeks a year for the common man – or woman -, luckily during spring when most flowers bloom. The rest of the year the Royal family can enjoy the greenhouses all by themselves – didn’t I tell you the greenhouses are a part of the King’s garden? -. Believe me, there’s plenty of beauty to enjoy. Continue reading Strolling in the King’s garden in Brussels.