24 hours in Amsterdam


As a Belgian, I’m pretty lucky. With Brussels as the European capital, loads of people travel in and out of the city. Which results in cheap flights, trains and busses. Which results in cheap flights, trains and busses out of the country as well. Which makes my traveling heart jump up and make a little dance. Possibilities to travel closeby aplenty and Amsterdam is one of them. A couple of hours on the train and a new city awaits. But what to do in Amsterdam? – I know, you probably think ‘coffee shops and the Red Light District… not for me –  Continue reading 24 hours in Amsterdam

First city trip of 2016: Cologne.

I confess. When it starts to itch, only scratching solves my wanderlust. Scratching in this case is booking a bus ticket or flight to somewhere else. If only it’s not home. Preferably another country. This time not so far from home and only for three days, which where my conditions. – I still don’t have that much money yet…unemployed and all that – But when D. told me she wanted to do a little city trip with me, how could I possibly refuse? Scrolling through the megabus website, our eyes fell on Cologne. Cheap bus tickets, only 3 and a half hours traveling – if your bus driver decides to leave on time of course – and in Germany. First city trip of 2016? Check!

View from the Triangl Tower. On Cologne of course.

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