Colonial beauty in Cuba.


Everybody who knows me, also knows about my love for architecture. Beautiful buildings dating back from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century – also known as Art Nouveau – attract my attention in Brussels like light attracts flies. I can walk around ages with my head tilted back, staring at all those mosaics, fresco’s, paintings and details in the ironwork high above eye level. Just like those clear lines and geometric details from the Art Deco period. Or the white and linear, clean and hygienic architectural pearls dating back from the modernist era. Names as Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Victor Horta and Adolf Loos make me drool. But most of all, I love the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, where architecture and interior are a complete work of art: from doorknobs to chairs to staircases to the facade. Little has been left of those little worlds of wonder crammed in a house. Or maybe even a couple of rooms. Continue reading Colonial beauty in Cuba.

All the colors of Cuba.


So far I’ve only talked about Havana. The mixture of feelings, impressions smells and colors. How big of an impression it left on me. Little did I know how big the impact would be of Viñales. Or Trinidad. Or Varadero, initially not my first choice to go to. How warm and colorful the country and most of all, the people, are. How different a country can be. How I loved being in the moment – no wifi, no internet without paying a lot – and just seeing what happens on the way. Continue reading All the colors of Cuba.

Travel back in time to Havana.


Cuba. A country highly on my list, especially since change is coming and already happening. Never thought I would make it on time, before the market opens and a stream of tourists from the U, S and A floods the country, changing this authentic and charming country forever. Luckily, I met M. – remember, I was traveling with her through Nicaragua and Costa Rica – and she planned to finish her 5-month trip in Cuba. Since backpacking in Cuba isn’t evident and traveling with two people is definitely cheaper over there, the choice was already made for me: M. and I were going to Cuba. Continue reading Travel back in time to Havana.