What to do in Shkodra, Albania.

Fortress and flag.

Being based in Montenegro gives me the opportunity to do loads and loads of discovering, especially on my one day off a week. Only quick trips where I can go and return in the same day, but still plenty of options left to explore. One of those is a short trip over the border to take a quick peek at what once was hidden for the rest of the world: the country of Albania. Continue reading What to do in Shkodra, Albania.

You bewitched me already, Montenegro.

When I travel, I like to mix. Mix and match my clothing, so I don’t have to carry 20 kilo’s on my back. Mix my drinks, as in gin and tonic. Rum and coke. Sometimes only rum. Though my favorite mix is the travel mix: a little bit of culture, a little bit of history, a lot of nerve-wracking, breathtaking, adrenaline rushing adventures. Heaps of stunning views and picturesque small villages. Add to that a pinch of ‘fiesta en la noche until mañana’ and we have the perfect trip. Guess that sounds like Montenegro. Continue reading You bewitched me already, Montenegro.

Visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


How much I do love art, classical art gets me bored easily. The numerous portraits, the same faces with their tiny smiles and stately postures. Dark browns and little light. Religious canvases with the same Mary over and over again. Greek gods and chubby cherubs. Yes, most of them are masterpieces of craftsmanship. Yes, they’re considered the summum of the summum of the classical art. No, I couldn’t care less. Continue reading Visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

All the colors of Cuba.


So far I’ve only talked about Havana. The mixture of feelings, impressions smells and colors. How big of an impression it left on me. Little did I know how big the impact would be of Viñales. Or Trinidad. Or Varadero, initially not my first choice to go to. How warm and colorful the country and most of all, the people, are. How different a country can be. How I loved being in the moment – no wifi, no internet without paying a lot – and just seeing what happens on the way. Continue reading All the colors of Cuba.

Travel back in time to Havana.


Cuba. A country highly on my list, especially since change is coming and already happening. Never thought I would make it on time, before the market opens and a stream of tourists from the U, S and A floods the country, changing this authentic and charming country forever. Luckily, I met M. – remember, I was traveling with her through Nicaragua and Costa Rica – and she planned to finish her 5-month trip in Cuba. Since backpacking in Cuba isn’t evident and traveling with two people is definitely cheaper over there, the choice was already made for me: M. and I were going to Cuba. Continue reading Travel back in time to Havana.