Why you shouldn’t miss Teotihuacan when visiting Mexico City.


I must confess. Again. – I confess a lot on this blog – Before I flew into Mexico, I had never heard of Teotihuacan. Not the easiest name to pronounce either. Still, you might want to learn it by heart, so you’d definitely find the bus headed to this majestic site. With majestic I also mean huge. More than 4 kilometers of Mayan greatness, waiting for you to set foot on ancient steps and admire the view with shaking knees. Continue reading Why you shouldn’t miss Teotihuacan when visiting Mexico City.

Mayan mysteries in Tikal.


Welcome to Tikal. As one of the main reasons why I wanted to visit Guatemala, these Mayan ruins definitely deserve their spot on my ‘this is…’ series. They’re worthy of the title ‘UNESCO world heritage’, not only because it used to be one of the most powerful kingdoms in ancient Maya history. When you visit, the atmosphere just breathes greatness and mysteriousness. Questions pop up instantly: how did they manage to make such grand temples in a time with such few building tools? How did they live? Who are those Mayans, that left so many secrets and not enough answers to silence our hunger for knowledge? Where did they sacrifice? – Yep, always interested in the bloody details. – Are there jaguars in the neighbourhood? Is it likely that I’ll be served for breakfast to some jungle animals? Continue reading Mayan mysteries in Tikal.