Diego Rivera in Mexico City.


My jaw doesn’t drop open easily. Art is something that always captures my attention, makes me laugh out loud or shuts me up. Art makes my thoughts roam free, imagining concepts, places, times and ideas. Art makes me lose track of time. But on this visit, my mouth fell open for the full ten minutes. – Seriously, some flies could’ve built a party in it – The least you can say is that I was pretty impressed.¬†Before I came to Mexico City, I had no clue about what to expect. Sure, I did my research and knew what I wanted to visit. Still, I wasn’t at all prepared for all the richness and beauty this country has to offer. Continue reading Diego Rivera in Mexico City.

Why you shouldn’t miss Teotihuacan when visiting Mexico City.


I must confess. Again. – I confess a lot on this blog – Before I flew into Mexico, I had never heard of Teotihuacan. Not the easiest name to pronounce either. Still, you might want to learn it by heart, so you’d definitely find the bus headed to this majestic site. With majestic I also mean huge. More than 4 kilometers of Mayan greatness, waiting for you to set foot¬†on ancient steps and admire the view with shaking knees. Continue reading Why you shouldn’t miss Teotihuacan when visiting Mexico City.