How to spend two nights in the Desierto de la Tatacoa, Colombia

Spending a couple of days in the Desierto de la Tatacoa, a desert which is actually an old Tropical forest, again together with the Mexican. Perfect for stargazing at night and discovering both red and grey deserts by day. This time, we only got chased by a dog once, we enjoyed a horse ride that left our butts sore for the next two days and we were surrounded by baby goats for a second. Life can be worse, I suppose.

A visit with funny faces to the Archeological National Park in San Augustin and how (not) to find the Cascada el Cinco

After the White city of Popayan we dived back into the country side, up to the small village of San Augustin. Known for it’s pre-Columbian burial sites, you have to visit the Archeological National Park with its hundreds of statues spread out in the mountains. The Mexican showed his most pretty side in the pictures and we got chased by angry dogs while looking for a hidden waterfall.