9 things I did for the first time in 2015

Hurray, lists! Since the end of a year is also the time to look back upon the days and months and weeks before the new one, I’m looking back onto all the things I did for the first time this year. – Not the first time this year, but the things I did the first time ever which happens to be in this year. You get my point. – Because life is taking steps forward and all that. Leaping into the unknown and experiencing adrenaline rushes and being adventurous. And I like lists. Continue reading 9 things I did for the first time in 2015

Stuck in Stockholm.

Sometimes it happens that people come up with a crazy idea, an opportunity, a chance of adventure you just can’t refuse. You try to find some reasons why you shouldn’t, make up some lousy excuses, but in the end you know: you just can’t resist. That’s how I ended up stuck in Stockholm. Continue reading Stuck in Stockholm.