Chasing waterfalls in Mocoa, all the way to ‘El fin del mundo’

After being separated for a couple of days, the Mexican and me met in Mocoa. The first days we had to relax because of my painful foot, later on we enjoyed a couple of hikes in the jungle and swimming close to waterfalls. Read more about how to reach ‘El Fin del Mundo’, the kindness of strangers and why sometimes you’ll need a guide in Colombia…

How to spend two nights in the Desierto de la Tatacoa, Colombia

Spending a couple of days in the Desierto de la Tatacoa, a desert which is actually an old Tropical forest, again together with the Mexican. Perfect for stargazing at night and discovering both red and grey deserts by day. This time, we only got chased by a dog once, we enjoyed a horse ride that left our butts sore for the next two days and we were surrounded by baby goats for a second. Life can be worse, I suppose.

Pereira & Cali – How travel plans change and I ended up dancing Salsa in Cali with a Mexican.

Since my stop in Pereira, a couple of things had changed. I was no longer travelling solo, instead I found myself a partner to explore Cali with, a huge change in plans. Dancing the night away or being washed away by strong rains, you can read it all here.