The art of doing nothing while traveling

Beach in San Juan Del Sur.

Traveling is exhausting. Your brain is buzzing from the gazillion things it has to do and remember to keep you alive during your time on the road. Where am I going next? How am I going to get there? How do I buy a ticket in a language I barely understand? Imagine all those questions combined with all the different smells and colors, works of art and stunning landscapes you’re discovering every single day. No routine, besides the fact that everything is new to you. I remember days strolling through unknown cities, absorbing as much of the tastes and impressions as possible. Always searching for something. A place to sleep. A restaurant. Nice bars. An english bookshop. An ATM. The postoffice. The supermarket. People to hang out with.  Continue reading The art of doing nothing while traveling

Why you should visit Rijeka Crnojevica in Montenegro.

Skadar lake.

Beaches packed with tiny stones and flocks of sweating people under red umbrellas, turning clockwise to catch a tan. Crystal clear turquoise blue waters, showing an abundance of tiny fish and snorkeling faces. When visiting Montenegro during high season, be prepared to sit among a lot of people packed on a small strip of land. – Imagine hairy red bellies, too tiny swimming trunks, naked saggy boobs and a bunch of kids peeing in the water – At least, when you’re the ‘I-prefer-to-be-cooked-alive-in-the-sun’ kind of type. According to the stream of pictures I’ve already posted on the blog, I’m more the ‘I-like-mountains-and-glacier-lakes-and-trees’ kid, variated with some ‘swimming-to-escape-the-scorching-heath’ days and a couple of ‘I’m-too-lazy-to-move-so-I-keep-laying-in-the-sun’ moments. In short, it means that I’m out exploring a lot in the mainland and prefer to leave the beaches behind when too crowded. Close to number one on my Escape-the-beaches-in-Montenegro-bucketlist, is the small town of Rijeka Crnojevića. Continue reading Why you should visit Rijeka Crnojevica in Montenegro.

A visit to Lovcen National Park in Montenegro.

Viewpoint on the top of the mountain.

One of my absolute favorite hiding spots in Montenegro is Lovćen National Park. While flocks of tourists start to crowd the beaches on a Sunday morning, I prefer to grab my car keys and drive all the way up into the mountains. Temperatures are not reaching their scorching hotness high up as they do on the Montenegrin coast and a cool breeze makes you feel relieved after days of sweaty shirts and sticky hands. Even though the roads aren’t always for the faint of heart – think about driving backwards while one wrong movement could lead you over the edge of a cliff, this only to let another car driving in the opposite direction pass by –, the panoramic views are simply breathtaking. Continue reading A visit to Lovcen National Park in Montenegro.

Budva, my temporary home away from home.

Budva and Sveti Nikola – also called ‘Hawaii’.

I’ve been writing a lot about Montenegro and surrounding countries lately – well, not so lately, my last blogpost was more than 2 weeks ago… Oops! I really need to get back on the blogging train – but I never wrote about Budva. The city I’m living in for already a little bit more than 3 months already and I haven’t even written one single letter about it. Not that Budva isn’t known, it’s one of the biggest tourist destinations in the region, if not the biggest of the whole country. Continue reading Budva, my temporary home away from home.

What to do in Shkodra, Albania.

Fortress and flag.

Being based in Montenegro gives me the opportunity to do loads and loads of discovering, especially on my one day off a week. Only quick trips where I can go and return in the same day, but still plenty of options left to explore. One of those is a short trip over the border to take a quick peek at what once was hidden for the rest of the world: the country of Albania. Continue reading What to do in Shkodra, Albania.

One year later.

Mexico. Not many pictures, a lot of memories.

I checked the date today. Exactly one year ago I spend my first day in New York. The first day out of my beloved Europe and the first day of what was meant to be a 3-month long trip. Those 3 months changed into 5 months and here I am, still writing. Still writing, still thinking about traveling and still trying to figure out how to combine a life of travel with working and spending quality time with friends & family.  Continue reading One year later.

Why you shouldn’t miss the north of Montenegro.

Monastery of Moraca.

Montenegro. Land of crystal clear waters, mountains touching the sea with their toes and where the colour ‘green’ isn’t sufficient enough to describe the lush landscape. Even though the coastline is cramped with little treasures like Perast, Kotor, Sveti Stefan and Petrovac, many ignore the beautiful scenery awaiting them in the north. And they’re right. A coastal road offers one stunning view after the other. Waves crashing onto rocks, pristine beaches, little old walled cities waiting for you to be discovered. A mediterranean fjord that leaves first time visitors with an open mouth. Hidden monasteries in mountains and islands dotting the waters in front of the shoreline. The biggest Balkan lake, which takes birdwatching to a whole other dimension. A mix of religions blending together in southern cities. Continue reading Why you shouldn’t miss the north of Montenegro.

Dubrovnik, pearl of the Adriatic.


Being located in Montenegro now not only gives me the opportunity to get to know incredibly breathtaking views, stunning scenery and lovely little walled cities, but also the ability to catch a glimpse of the beauty to be found in neighbouring countries. So hurray hurray, Dubrovnik is just a two and a half hour drive away and I’m treated on a bunch of mouthwatering views while trying to get there. A little “King’s Landing” besides crystal clear blue waters transports you back into times long gone. – For the Game of Thrones fans between us. Indeed, Dubrovnik feels like walking around in Westeros, oh and wait a minute…yes, it’s one of the main film locations. – Terracotta-red splotches on top of creamy coloured stones. A look and feel that could be Italian, but clearly isn’t.  Continue reading Dubrovnik, pearl of the Adriatic.

A visit to the Republic of Užupis.

I like special places. Dilapidated buildings with paint flaking off. Areas where graffiti painters are king. Neighborhoods that used to be dangerous and run-down, but now thrive because of the energy and ideas of artists and engaged young people. Užupis is one of those special places.  Continue reading A visit to the Republic of Užupis.