One year later.

Mexico. Not many pictures, a lot of memories.

I checked the date today. Exactly one year ago I spend my first day in New York. The first day out of my beloved Europe and the first day of what was meant to be a 3-month long trip. Those 3 months changed into 5 months and here I am, still writing. Still writing, still thinking about traveling and still trying to figure out how to combine a life of travel with working and spending quality time with friends & family.  Continue reading One year later.

Why you shouldn’t miss the north of Montenegro.

Monastery of Moraca.

Montenegro. Land of crystal clear waters, mountains touching the sea with their toes and where the colour ‘green’ isn’t sufficient enough to describe the lush landscape. Even though the coastline is cramped with little treasures like Perast, Kotor, Sveti Stefan and Petrovac, many ignore the beautiful scenery awaiting them in the north. And they’re right. A coastal road offers one stunning view after the other. Waves crashing onto rocks, pristine beaches, little old walled cities waiting for you to be discovered. A mediterranean fjord that leaves first time visitors with an open mouth. Hidden monasteries in mountains and islands dotting the waters in front of the shoreline. The biggest Balkan lake, which takes birdwatching to a whole other dimension. A mix of religions blending together in southern cities. Continue reading Why you shouldn’t miss the north of Montenegro.

Dubrovnik, pearl of the Adriatic.


Being located in Montenegro now not only gives me the opportunity to get to know incredibly breathtaking views, stunning scenery and lovely little walled cities, but also the ability to catch a glimpse of the beauty to be found in neighbouring countries. So hurray hurray, Dubrovnik is just a two and a half hour drive away and I’m treated on a bunch of mouthwatering views while trying to get there. A little “King’s Landing” besides crystal clear blue waters transports you back into times long gone. – For the Game of Thrones fans between us. Indeed, Dubrovnik feels like walking around in Westeros, oh and wait a minute…yes, it’s one of the main film locations. – Terracotta-red splotches on top of creamy coloured stones. A look and feel that could be Italian, but clearly isn’t.  Continue reading Dubrovnik, pearl of the Adriatic.

A visit to the Republic of Užupis.

I like special places. Dilapidated buildings with paint flaking off. Areas where graffiti painters are king. Neighborhoods that used to be dangerous and run-down, but now thrive because of the energy and ideas of artists and engaged young people. Užupis is one of those special places.  Continue reading A visit to the Republic of Užupis.

Stroll through the ‘fin de siècle’ era in Riga.

Swaying and rustling of stepping feet in skirts that softly touch the floor. The delicate fragrance of fresh flowers upon pastel coloured hats. The faint sound of music played by an old Gramophone. The moment you open the door and enter the Riga Art Nouveau Museum, is being teleported to the year 1903. Floral patterns on the authentic wallpaper, leaded glass windows in an abundant amount of colours. Elegant chairs and embroided tablecloths. Geometrical forms and ancient gods. Even chamber maids swiping off the book shelves, complete with white apron and cap fixed on top of the head.

Continue reading Stroll through the ‘fin de siècle’ era in Riga.

Old vs. New / Belgian vs. Dutch at the Designmuseum in Gent.

My favorite museum in Gent is the one where I spent hours of sketching state-of-the-art chairs and other famous furniture. The one located right in the middle of the city centre, opposite to a little park with view on the steady floating boats passing by on the Leie river. With white walls and a tiny courtyard, perfect enough to enjoy an early spring day in the sun. Because I’m turning 26 – oh help, almost on the wrong side of the twenties. Let’s call it the best side. – and the entrance fee is only 2€ for -26 year olds, I knew I had to visit the Designmuseum again before leaving on foreign adventures. And they had an exhibition going on I was dying to see. Continue reading Old vs. New / Belgian vs. Dutch at the Designmuseum in Gent.

6 favorite things to do in Antigua – Guatemala.

I’ve visited Antigua twice. First time I arrived in a hot shuttle bus with 40 degrees fever and feet that could barely hold my weight because of horrendous muscle aches. Needless to say I didn’t really see much of the city the next couple of days, besides my bed, my hostel, the doctor’s cabinet and the panoramic view from the roof terrace. Second time though, I indulged myself into the Spanish language, breathing, eating and dreaming in Spanish while discovering the pretty picturesque colonial city called ‘Antigua’. Continue reading 6 favorite things to do in Antigua – Guatemala.