Snapshots of Bryce Canyon.


Before I went traveling through the US and Central America, I would’ve called myself a city girl. The buzzing sounds, people walking and talking, going to work, driving cars and taking a tram back home. Houses, buildings, skyscrapers, they all fascinate me and they’re all equally beautiful to me. – okay, maybe not aaaaaall of them – I like the graffiti covered concrete walls and stickers on streetlights. Food stalls spread their flavours and make my mouth water. Museums and culture, habits and traditions aplenty. Party all night long and sleep until night falls and the city gets more and more alive again. Twinkling lights and flashing lights, lights to dance on and lights that accompany an early evening walk. Continue reading Snapshots of Bryce Canyon.

Astonishing beauty in three National Parks.


Overall, I’ve been enjoying my trip through the USA. Meeting nice people, doing a lot of sightseeing, something new in every place I go. Actually, I’m quite having the time of my life. And then I found myself, mouth wide open, gazing at the immense Grand Canyon in front of me. Being totally overwhelmed and impressed. Continue reading Astonishing beauty in three National Parks.