Snapshots of Zion National Park.


I don’t need to exaggerate, but Zion is a little bit crazy. Crazy beautiful. Crazy and stunning. Crazy huge and crazy green and crazy red. With crazy animals and crazy weather. And especially crazy views and picturesque scenes and mouthwatering walks. Pure madness. Madness, because I’ve only spent one day in it. Sometimes I lose my mind and the decision of spending so little time in such a spectacular environment is one of those moments. Continue reading Snapshots of Zion National Park.

Astonishing beauty in three National Parks.


Overall, I’ve been enjoying my trip through the USA. Meeting nice people, doing a lot of sightseeing, something new in every place I go. Actually, I’m quite having the time of my life. And then I found myself, mouth wide open, gazing at the immense Grand Canyon in front of me. Being totally overwhelmed and impressed. Continue reading Astonishing beauty in three National Parks.